Restoring Hope to Single Women and Children

At Restoration Blessings, we fix. We fix homes and cars for single women because we believe that all women should have a healthy place to call home, and a safe car to drive. So they can work. So they can provide for their children. So they can break the cycle of hopelessness and build long-term stability for themselves and their families.

Restoration Blessings empowers single women by providing small but instrumental home repairs, lawn maintenance, and automotive repairs. Oftentimes single women find they don't have the expertise or funds to properly maintain their property and do not know where to find reliable, trustworthy help. Our volunteer support is intended to bridge that gap. Restoration Blessings assess each situation and provides the necessary services based on the need and available resources.

Our work would not be possible without our donors, volunteers, and private businesses that give of their time and service. You can be part of our community of service by signing up to volunteer or donating today!


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